The Umonics Method
The Umonics Method

Teaching students to think critically is one of the primary goals of schooling, or at least it should be. Critical thinking is the ability to reason, solve problems, generate new views, and so on. However, years of educational and cognitive science have shown that critical thinking abilities can only be learnt when students are furnished with a rich store of facts to draw from. According to a cognitive scientist, Daniel T Willingham “The processes of thinking are intertwined with the content of thought.” This is also known as domain knowledge”.

The accumulation of facts requires, believe it or not, memorization. You cannot know facts or knowledge that you do not remember. Unfortunately, most of preschooler’s parents are likely to consider this bad news. As memorizing seems painful for them and think it will be painful for their children too. There is, however, a more effective and enjoyable way with the use of memory techniques and principles.

The Umonics Method is one of the only preschool enrichment programs that focus on memory techniques for preschoolers. Yes, they are some schools that teachers memory techniques to preschoolers but only at a surfaced level. The Umonics Method curriculum is more comprehensive and has a combined total of 23 memory techniques for preschoolers, which is unheard off. The memory techniques range from the simple link-story technique to memorize list to the more elaborate Roman Room Technique, which is the technique that Sherlock Holmes uses in the book and TV series.

The ultimate aim of the Umonics Method is to teach preschoolers to be excellent memorizers and with the ability to memorize well is followed by a wealth of domain knowledge. Back to cognitive science again, the only way to improve critical thinking is to build a wealth of domain knowledge.

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